08.12.2022 — 27.01.2023

Galerija Vartai, Vilniaus g. 39, 01119 Vilnius, Lithuania

Galerija Vartai Exhibition image Mercy

Galerija Vartai presents ‘Mercy’, a joint exhibition by Zlatko Kopljar and Luc Tuymans, arranged as a sequence of shared and separate displays highlighting the iconoclasm and analytical complexity of these two artists. The exhibition juxtaposes Tuymans’ recent work in animation with a selection of works created by Kopljar throughout the last decades, combining performance, sculpture, video, and experimental cinema.  

The title ‘Mercy’ is a plea. It presupposes an urgent need and a fundamental lack, situating the exhibition as an effect of loss and detachment manifested by Kopljar’s K20 Empty (2015) and Tuymans’ Monkeys (2021), which occupy the exhibition’s first room.