Catalogue Raisonné of Luc Tuymans’s Works on Paper

If you own or have owned a work on paper by Luc Tuymans, please fill out and submit the below questionnaire. Or if you prefer, you can also download the questionnaire and send it to us via email or regular mail. All information will be held in strict confidence. Please note that the submission of the work does not guarantee its inclusion in the catalogue raisonné. The artist, in his sole discretion, considers the work for inclusion in the catalogue. There is no time frame for this decision-making process, and you may not find out whether the work is included in the catalogue until it is published (if it is published) or at all. Please contact the editor, Dr. Eva Meyer-Hermann at if you have any questions.

  • Owner

  • Work

  • If you own multiple works on paper by the artist, please fill out a separate form for each work.
  • e.g. pencil on paper,...
  • Measurements: Height x width, preferably in cm. Please inform us if, for any reason, you need assstance in verifying the work's measurements.
  • Signature

  • If applicable, please describe the signature of the artist on the front or the back of the work.
  • Please specify how you would like your collection to be credited (e.g. private collection, other,...)
  • Exhibition history

  • If possible, please specify any exhibition(s) where the work was included.
  • Literature

  • If possible, please list any publications where the work has been mentioned and/or illustrated.
  • Documentation

  • We are kindly asking for high-resolution photography or other visual material you may have of the work(s). As this is a scholarly endeavour, we ask that images be provided for free. Digital files can be sent to by email. Please contact us if you need help in sending us the material. We can provide easy solutions for transferring files or digitizing hard copy material/ektachromes.
  • In case no photographic reproduction of the work exists, would you be willing to allow us to arrange for a new reproduction of the work by a professional photographer?
  • Please feel free to contact the editor by electronic or regular mail: Dr. Eva Meyer-Hermann c/o Studio Luc Tuymans Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonné of Works on Paper Korte Schipperskapelstraat 2 b1, B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium Telephone +32 3 336 64 75, Facsimile +32 3 336 64 76